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dApps built on Bitcoin. Powered by community.

  • Market capUSD
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    Market cap USD: 317,661,339

    BTC: $115,043,709
    RIF: $118,630,828
    SOV: $11,539,161
    Other tokens living in our chain: $72,447,641
    Prices sourced from: CoinMarketCap

    **Last updated October 23, 2023**

  • Active accounts#
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    Source: RSK Explorer

  • Cost per transactionUSD
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    **Last updated Oct 2023**

  • Number of protocols#
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    **Last updated April 2023**


The all-in-one decentralized finance protocol built on Bitcoin. Lend, borrow, stake, and trade your crypto assets using the pioneering features available through the Sovryn dApp.
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Crypto-backed stablecoins and decentralized staking options. Stablecoins offered through Money on Chain include: Dollar on Chain (DoC), the Bitcoin-Collateralized Stablecoin pegged 1:1 with USD, and BPro, the token that allows you to earn interest on your Bitcoin while keeping control of your private keys.
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Cross-chain wallet with built-in swap functionality, NFT management tools, and easy-to-use fiat on-ramping. Liquality Wallet’s intuitive interface makes it the go-to wallet for interacting with decentralized apps from multiple blockchain ecosystems.
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The decentralized lending protocol offering loans with 100% flexible repayments. Purpose-built for emerging markets in Latin America, Tropykus is the best way to avoid local fiat currency devaluation.
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The best DEX interface with advanced analytics and no fees. Trade, deploy LP positions, and create new pools on Uniswap v3 with Oku.
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Do more with your Bitcoin using the Rootstock ecosystem

Borrow, lend, trade, and more, while benefiting from cheaper transaction fees than Ethereum, faster transaction times, and an ecosystem that’s true to the original promise of Bitcoin.

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Taking BitcoinBTCto theUPGnext level.

Get RBTC to start using
DeFi on Bitcoin.

Avoid the volatility of Bitcoin with stablecoins deployed on Rootstock.


Get RBTC to start using
DeFi on Bitcoin.

Avoid the volatility of Bitcoin with stablecoins deployed on Rootstock.


RBTC is the native token that powers the Rootstock network. It is the ‘Smart’ version of Bitcoin that allows users to interact with Rootstock smart contracts.
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Escape the inflation of local fiat currency, or take a break from the Bitcoin rollercoaster by shifting your funds into a stablecoin in the Rootstock ecosystem.
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Interact with a growing ecosystem of applications built on Rootstock


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The Rootstock Discord server is the hub of the ecosystem. Join in official AMAs, ambassador initiatives, and be the first to know about network updates and collaborations.
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Converse and make friends with like-minded people on the Rootstock Telegram channel. All things are up for discussion here, from recent Rootstock updates to the crypto market as a whole.
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Discover the extensive video library available on the official Rootstock YouTube. Official updates, tutorials, and detailed explainer videos on everything Rootstock can be found here.
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