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Get support to build your next dApp on Rootstock through the strategic grants program.

Fast track your application by joining the Hackathon or get in touch to apply directly.


Get funding for your next DeFi project

Created to grow and support the Rootstock ecosystem, grants are available for a wide scope of project types.

The Rootstock Strategic Grants program has been created to support the next generation of fintech builders.

Apply now if you’re planning to integrate Rootstock with your existing products or build a new dApp on the ecosystem.

Successful applicants will also receive mentorship and marketing support to ensure your project gets the attention it deserves.


Join a Hackathon

This year there will be several hackathons organized by ecosystems contributors designed to support developers, entrepreneurs and builders.

Access support, guidance and funding to bring your ideas to life.


  • Structured Program.
  • Workshops.
  • Mentors.
  • AMA's
  • Team formation
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Prizes
Join the Hackathon

Apply Directly

Established businesses or advanced projects can apply directly for a grant.

Your project needs to benefit the Rootstock ecosystem to qualify for a grant.

Some reasons you may request a grant:
Integrate with Rootstock.
Promote interoperability.
Cross-chain functionality.
Explore new use cases.
Foster ecosystem growth.

Apply Directly

Key Dates

  • 31 JULY

    End of the first wave of the Grants Program

    Learn more about the winning projects and awards of the Grants program first wave

  • AUGUST 14

    Beginning of Grants Program Wave II

    Learn more about the themes, hackathons, and judges of the second wave of the Grants Program

  • 21 AUGUST

    Mentor sessions and workshops

    Get insights and advice on your project from industry experts, Rootstock contributors, and marketing experts


    Pitch Day

    Share your idea with the panel of industry experts to win prizes and earn eligibility for the $2.5M grant scheme.


    Winner announcements

    Discover how your pitch went down with the judges.


    Grants Wave III: Live

    More details coming soon!


Rootstock Grants Program: Wave II Themes

Upon evaluation of multiple themes, a selection of thought leaders within IOV Labs voted for the following three themes of the Rootstock Grant Program: Wave II.

Create User-centric UtilityUSER

Effective user engagement requires thoughtful utilities and incentive design.

This theme is for projects that promote the adoption of Rootstock in pioneering and meaningful ways, with a particular focus on everyday use cases and token economy.

Community-Driven AdoptionCOMMUNITY

Active engagement of the Rootstock and the general crypto community is a core foundational part of ecosystem building.

This theme rewards projects that bring together developers, builders and entrepreneurs. Via their inherent network effects, these projects facilitate the development and monetisation within the ecosystem.

Enhancing Web2 solutions via Web3DEFI

Web3 projects are adding a layer of functionality onto existing Web2 solutions at a rapid rate.

The goal of this theme is to accelerate the rate at which existing solutions are replicated on crypto via Bitcoin and Rootstock. Such projects upgrade existing solutions by incorporating blockchain at the heart of their offerings.

Why build on Rootstock?

If you’ve developed on Ethereum before, you’ve already got the skills you need to build on Rootstock.

Use the same solidity tools and libraries that you’re used to, and apply them to the Rootstock blockchain. That includes Hardhat works, Truffle works, web3.js works, and ethers.js.

Join our Open Slack channel to reach out to grant facilitators and get support from a thriving community of Rootstock developers.

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