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Get support to build your next dApp on Rootstock through the strategic grant program.

Fast track your application by joining the Scaling Bitcoin Hackathon or get in touch to apply directly.


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Get funding for your next DeFi project

Created to grow and support the Rootstock ecosystem, grants are available for a wide scope of project types.

The Rootstock Strategic Grant program has been created to support the next generation of fintech builders.

Apply now if you’re planning to integrate Rootstock with your existing products or build a new dApp on the ecosystem.

Successful applicants will also receive mentorship and marketing support to ensure your project gets the attention it deserves.


Fast track your application

Applicants to the Scaling Bitcoin Hackathon will get fast track access to the $2.5m grant programme while having the chance to showcase their skills and win some great prizes along the way.
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Everyday DeFi is the Wave I theme.

As part of the $2.5m program, new grants and themes will be revealed every three months. The first wave is now live and is focused on making DeFi accessible for all.

See the first three categories below. Apply by joining the Scaling Bitcoin hackathon or getting in touch directly.
Join the HackathonApply directly

Merge Bitcoin NetworksBTC

To merge Bitcoin Networks is to enable greater interoperability of different blockchain ecosystems built on or with Bitcoin.

This theme encourages the development of innovative solutions that enable seamless transfers of digital assets and information between Rootstock and other networks.

Create User-centric UtilityUCU

Effective user engagement requires thoughtful utilities and incentive design.

This theme is for projects that promote the adoption of Rootstock in pioneering and meaningful ways, with a particular focus on real-world use cases and token economy.

Aggregate DeFi LiquidityDEFI

A sustainable DeFi ecosystem is well connected at many different levels with user centric blockchain networks.

This theme rewards creative solutions that introduce new functions and liquidity through strategic integrations of marketplaces, consumer dApps, and other relevant platforms.

Key Dates

  • 17 MAY

    Ideathon opens for entries

    Form teams and submit ideas for the Scaling Bitcoin Hackathon based on the themes outlined above.

  • 29 MAY

    Judges Announced

    Learn who you will pitch your ideas
    to at the end of the hackathon

  • 1 JUNE

    Mentor sessions and workshops

    Get insights and advice on your project from industry experts, Rootstock contributors and marketing experts

  • 19 JUNE

    Hackathon begins

    Bring your ideas to life and prepare
    to pitch to a panel of judges.

  • 13 July

    Pitch Day

    Share your idea with a panel of industry experts to win prizes and earn eligibility for the $2.5m grant scheme.

  • End of July

    Winners invited to Grant Program

    Discover how your pitch went down with the judges.

  • August

    Wave II Grants Go live

    More details will be shared over the coming months


Why build on Rootstock?

If you’ve developed on Ethereum before, you’ve already got the skills you need to build on Rootstock.

Use the same solidity tools and libraries that you’re used to, and apply them to the Rootstock blockchain. That includes Hardhat works, Truffle works, web3.js works, and ethers.js.

Join our Open Slack channel to reach out to grant facilitators and get support from a thriving community of Rootstock developers.

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