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Powpeg is a proof-of-work secured, two-way peg used by Rootstock to evaluate Bitcoin consensus rules and allow users to convert BTC to RBTC and vice versa.

02.Full security

A true Bitcoin sidechain

Powpeg is the first Bitcoin peg to provide security assurances based on Bitcoin’s proof-of-work, making it the most secure and permissionless peg available today.

To understand more about how this works, visit the Proof of Work Hardware Security Module (powHSM) and RskJ Powpeg Node repositories on GitHub.”

03.We do care

The most secure, permissionless, and uncensorable Bitcoin peg

Powpeg provides maximum security and decentralization for Rootstock through defence in depth – a powerful multi layered design that ensures no single entity or group has the power to control peg-in or peg-out transactions.

There are already 10 high-profile organizations providing support to Rootstock 's Powpeg.

We do care
We do care
04.Never stand still

Committed to making Powpeg better, faster, stronger

The Rootstock community is developing additional technologies to further improve and decentralize the peg, including the addition of HSM attestation, reduced peg-in and peg-out times, cross-blockchain contract calls, and safety systems such as a time-locked emergency federation.

Powpeg HSM firmware attestation