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EVM-compatible smart contracts platform designed for a freer, fairer, and more decentralized world.

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Market capUSD

Market cap USD: 317,661,339

BTC: $115,043,709
RIF: $118,630,828
SOV: $11,539,161
Other on-chain assets: $72,447,641
Prices sourced from: CoinMarketCap

**Last updated October 23, 2023**

Merged Mining avg. BTC hash rate%

Source: RSK Explorer

BTC locked in 2 way pegRBTC
3,539 RBTC

Source: RSK Explorer

Monthly transactions#

**Last updated Oct 2023**


Highly scalable. Interoperable. Fast transactions

Deploy EVM compatible smart contracts on Rootstock and leverage the security of the Bitcoin network.

Every smart contract deployed on Rootstock can also be deployed on Ethereum with full compatibility.

The Rootstock network is secured by over 50% of Bitcoin hashing power through the process of merged mining.

Secured by Bitcoinproof of work01

Rootstock is secured by the same computing power that secures Bitcoin.

Mine simultaneously on both Bitcoin and Rootstock with no additional effort or resources.

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UncensorableBitcoin Peg02

Rootstock uses “Smart BTC” (RBTC) as its native coin.

Сonvert BTC to RBTC and back again using Rootstock’s 1:1 built-in two-way peg protocol – PowPeg!

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Enabling DeFion Bitcoin03

Use your RBTC to interact with the wealth of Decentralized applications built on Rootstock.

…or build your own! All smart contracts on Rootstock are Turing complete and EVM-compatible.

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Future proofedand decentralized04

A strong community of dedicated users and developers contribute to making the Rootstock network future-proof and decentralized.

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Interoperable withEthereum05

Convert your tokens from Ethereum to Rootstock and vice versa using the RSK-ETH token bridge.

The Rootstock blockchain is fully EVM compatible- deploy Ethereum smart contracts directly on Rootstock

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Use the world’s most secure smart contracts

Rootstock is designed for projects to withstand the test of time in a turbulent space. Extend Bitcoin’s capabilities to enable smart contracts without compromising its core layer, and build your own Bitcoin DeFi protocol.

Bootstrap the development of your protocol with Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF) services and go to market even faster. Reduce development time and scale further with RIF solutions for Payments, Identity, Marketplaces, and more.

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RIF Flyover01

Transfer Bitcoin in a fast, decentralized, and censorship resistant way. Earn revenue by becoming a liquidity provider.

RIF Relay02

Allow your users to pay for transaction fees in any ERC20 token instead of RBTC. Earn a margin on top of the transaction fees collected.

RIF Name Service03

Multi-chain human readable blockchain domains for the Rootstock ecosystem. Earn additional revenue by becoming an RNS reseller.



Join the Bitcoin ecosystem as a developer

Benefit from developing decentralized, fully permissionless, and open-source technology.

Check out the Rootstock developer resources for everything you need to get started.

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Get the most out of your Bitcoin

LiqualityWallet/Decentralized Swaps

Rootstock’s ecosystem of decentralized applications and open finance services lets you lend, borrow, trade, and earn interest on your Bitcoin.




Interact with a growing ecosystem of applications built on Rootstock


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