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Support the Rootstock ecosystem and earn exclusive rewards


Benefits of becoming a Rootstocker Ambassador

Earn rewards01

Earn rewards for your hard work in helping to grow the Rootstock network. Incentives will be given out for completing tasks related to community growth.

Increase network02

Increase your personal network! Work and network by connecting with like-minded community members. Get featured on the official Rootstock website and social media channels.


Receive sweet merchandise and swag.


Collaborate with leading Rootstock architecture team members and get early access to news and releases.


Get invited and participate in exclusive events with top thought leaders in the space.


What you’ll do


Moderate Rootstock online communities and be a crucial point of knowledge for users in the ecosystem.


Create engaging, high quality content to raise awareness and bring new users to the Rootstock DeFi for Bitcoin ecosystem.


Arrange local and virtual Meetups and events to bring together local communities of users, or, participate in an external event as a Rootstock Ambassador promoting the ecosystem.


Maintain a content calendar for social media that’s engaging and informative, either through your personal account or a Rootstock community run channel.

Check the rewards chart below to learn more about what Rootstockers do!


Rootstocker rewards

Reward typeAmbassador roleGet rewarded for


Helping to moderate Rootstock community channels! This includes Telegram, Discord, and the Rootstock Open Slack

Social Media Creator

Content creator
Spreading the word on social media about upcoming Rootstock events, new Rootstock programs, recent ecosystem updates, etc.

Rootstock Cultivator

Building a social community in a new region in a new language and creating Rootstock content to support.

Meet-up organizer

Meet-up organizer
Hosting Rootstock meet-up events for your local community that are well promoted and attended.


Meet-up Organiser
Hosting Twitter spaces with the Rootstock community that are well promoted and attended.

Ambassador Orientation Training

Meet-up organizer
Onboarding new ambassadors through training sessions highlighting Rootstock’s key features and ecosystem protocols.

Best in Class Bonus

Going above and beyond — three Ambassadors will be selected to receive a bonus reward every three months based on their performance.

Ambassador Program Referral

Helping to grow the Rootstock Ambassador program by referring new people to the program.
05.Protocols to follow

Protocols you’ll
be working with

EVM-compatible smart contracts platform built on Bitcoin, designed for a freer, fairer, and more decentralized world. Home to a thriving DeFi ecosystem.
Crypto-backed stablecoins and decentralized staking options. Stablecoins offered through Money on Chain include: Dollar on Chain (DoC), the Bitcoin-Collateralized Stablecoin pegged 1:1 with USD, and BPro, the token that allows you to earn interest on your Bitcoin while keeping control of your private keys.
The all-in-one decentralized finance protocol built on Bitcoin. Lend, borrow, stake, and trade your crypto assets using the pioneering features available through the Sovryn dApp.
The decentralized lending protocol offering loans with 100% flexible repayments. Purpose-built for emerging markets in Latin America, Tropykus is the best way to avoid local fiat currency devaluation.