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Pegged 1:1 to Bitcoin

RBTC, the smart version of Bitcoin.
Allowing BTC owners to interact with DeFi protocols and dApps on Rootstock network for minting, swaps, gas fees and more.

02.Wallet for every taste

Choose a wallet that supports RBTC

For a full list of wallets that support the Rootstock Network, please see our ecosystem chart.

Wallet for every taste
Wallet for every taste

How To Get RBTC

Below, we highlight some popular methods for getting RBTC. You can see a full list of DEXs, CEXs, and Bridges where you can get RBTC by visiting the Rootstock ecosystem page.

BTC Bridge & Swaps

2-WP App rbtc icon

The 2-Way-Peg app, is the most direct and native mechanism for acquiring RBTC with your BTC using the PowPeg.

Go to 2-WP App


Who is 2-WP App for?

  • Web3 native & advanced users.
  • Not available in the USA & Canada.
  • Min IN: 0.005
  • Min OUT: 0.004
  • No max.
  • No Kyc.

Only network fees

~16 hours


Sovryn FastBTC rbtc icon

FastBTC is a fast and simple mechanism developed by Sovryn to exchange between BTC and RBTC.

Go to FastBTC


Who is FastBTC for?

  • Intermediate to advanced users.
  • Min IN/OUT: 0.0005
  • Max IN/OUT 3
  • No KYC.

0.00005 BTC + 0.2%
(+ network fees)

~15 minutes

Bridges & cross-chain swaps


Who are bridges & cross-chain swaps

  • Intermediate to advanced users.
  • Min/max depends on provider.
  • No KYC.

This varies but
generally the fees are low

~2-5 minutes

Jumper rbtc icon

A truly multi-chain exchange. Aggregating the best in the business for bridging, swapping, onramping.

Go to Jumper

Rubic rbtc icon

Rubic’s Best Rate Finder tool for crypto swaps for users and dApps aggregates 80+ blockchains, 220+ DEXs and bridges, and 15,500+ crypto assets.

Go to Rubic

Symbiosisrbtc icon

Symbiosis is a cross-chain AMM DEX that pools together liquidity from different networks: L1s and L2s, EVM and non-EVM.

Go to Symbiosis

Fiat Exchanges


Who are Fiat Exchanges for?

  • Beginners to advanced users.
  • KYC is generally required.
  • Min/max depends on provider.

Differ based on platform


Mt. Pelerin rbtc icon

Mt. Pelerin is an on/off-ramp to buy, sell, or swap tokens with fiat currencies. No KYC required. Available in 171 countries. Not available to USA or Russia, here you can see the full list of unsupported countries.

Go to Mt. Pelerin

Buenbitrbtc icon

Buenbit is a cryptocurrency exchange and cross-border payment platform. Available in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia.

Go to Buenbit


Inp2pBotrbtc icon

Inp2pBot is a peer-to-peer lightning network telegram bot.

Go to Inp2pBot

*Please be aware of the inherent risks in peer to peer transactions. Unless you are using a service offering escrow services for p2p transactions only transact with trusted individuals such as friends or family.


Who is P2P for?

  • Web3 native & advanced users.
  • No min/max.
  • No KYC.

The bot charges a fixed fee of 0.6%.
This fee includes the network fee, so there are no additional charges.
This commission is paid only by the seller, not the buyer.

Up to 23 hours.
See documentation for details


A true Bitcoin sidechain

On Rootstock, Bitcoin is king.
BTC is the native token of Rootstock in the form of RBTC. You don’t need any other token to pay for gas. Bitcoin can be moved between the main chain and sidechain seamlessly with no token wrapping required.



Yes, Rootstock has a native token called RBTC. RBTC is pegged 1:1 to Bitcoin and is used within the Rootstock network for various purposes, including paying transaction fees and executing smart contracts.

RBTC (Rootstock Bitcoin) is the native cryptocurrency of the Rootstock (RSK) blockchain. It is pegged 1:1 to Bitcoin (BTC), meaning that each RBTC is backed by an equivalent amount of BTC. RBTC is used to pay for transaction fees, execute smart contracts, and interact with decentralized applications (dApps) within the Rootstock ecosystem.

Smart contracts on Rootstock are executed on the Rootstock blockchain, which runs parallel to the Bitcoin network. Rootstock uses a two-way peg mechanism to bring Bitcoin into its ecosystem as RBTC. This allows users to leverage Bitcoin’s value and security while interacting with Turing-complete smart contracts on the Rootstock platform. Merge-mining with Bitcoin ensures that Rootstock benefits from Bitcoin’s high level of security.

Yes, Rootstock uses Solidity and is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This compatibility allows developers to easily port their existing Ethereum-based smart contracts and dApps to the Rootstock network without needing to make significant modifications.