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Pegged 1:1 with Bitcoin, RBTC, or “Smart Bitcoin”, is the currency used to execute smart contracts on Rootstock.

02.Change the game

Making DeFi on Bitcoin possible

RBTC is the “Smart” version of Bitcoin. It allows Bitcoin users to interact with smart contracts on the Rootstock network and acts as the gateway between Bitcoin and DeFi.

The price of RBTC is pegged directly to the price of BTC. Guaranteed by Rootstock’s built-in 2-Way Peg, one RBTC will always be convertible back to one BTC (and vice versa).

03.Only direct conversion

A true Bitcoin sidechain

Unlike other major blockchain networks, Rootstock does not generate its native coin through block rewards.

By using merged mining to leverage the security and resilience of Bitcoin, Rootstock can issue its native currency (RBTC) through a direct conversion from BTC.

04.The bottom line


Powpeg is a proof-of-worksecured two-way peg01

Rootstock’s built-in 2-Way Peg is the native mechanism for acquiring RBTC.”Peg-in” your BTC using the 2-Way-Peg app and receive the equivalent sum of RBTC in return.

Use an exchangein Rootstock’sgrowing ecosystem02

Decentralized exchanges such as Sovryn, Defiant, Liquality, and more, allow users to easily acquire RBTC within the Rootstock network. RBTC is also available to purchase via certain centralized exchanges, such as Bitfinex.

05.How to

Use the Powpeg

Convert BTC to RBTC

Check your transaction status

Convert RBTC to BTC

Check your transaction status

05.Wallet for every taste

Choose a wallet that supports RBTC

The following wallets support RBTC and other Rootstock ecosystem tokens.

Wallet for every taste
Wallet for every taste