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Integrate with Rootstock to open up to the original and largest addressable crypto market — Bitcoin.

02.Changing the game

Bitcoin-secured smart contracts bring new opportunities

Rootstock is secured by up to 60% of Bitcoin’s hash power thanks to merged mining, making it the most secure network of its kind.

This unique feature of the network opens up opportunities to engage with a wide range of DeFi applications, Web3 products, and cutting-edge technologies without needing to leave the security
of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

03.All the help you need

Get the support you need


Integrating your protocol with Rootstock opens the door to co-marketing opportunities with IOVLabs, including joint social media campaigns, exposure at leading industry events, and co-marketing funds.
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Access endto end support02

During your integration, work alongside Rootstock experts to access the support you need to integrate in the simplest, fastest way possible. Any questions, the experts are here to help.
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Get fundingfor your integration03

Tap into the $2.5m Strategic Grant program to integrate with Rootstock. Grants are available for a wide range of integrations focused on promoting interoperability and fostering ecosystem growth.
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04.Success Stories

Meet the protocols building a freer financial future

  • SovrynSovryn

    One of Sovryn’s main goals is to provide bitcoiners with Defi tools so that they can leverage their bitcoin in a permissionless and censorship resistant way. A core part of our solution is the incredible technology developed by the Rootstock team, who are laser focused on creating the most secure smart contract platform. The Rootstock team are dedicated to extending the capabilities of Bitcoin and are natural partners for Sovryn.
    – Elan Nahari, core contributor
  • Money on ChainMoney on Chain

    Rootstock was the ideal platform to reach our goal of creating a robust project with excellent performance that could empower bitcoiners to make the most out of their bitcoins. We had Rootstock's support throughout all the process and today Money on Chain (MOC) has a total value locked that surpasses 64 million dollars with a historic performance that goes beyond 27% for Bpro.
    – Mariana Sanguinetti, contributor
  • LiqualityLiquality

    When we first integrated Rootstock, we had about 1,000 WAUs using the wallet. Less than eight months later, we have 12,000 WAUs. That’s 11x growth in 8 months, an average of nearly 140% growth month over month, with most users coming from the Rootstock community.
    – Alex Min, Head of Marketing